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Virtually visit a 360° location or virtually discover a 360° exhibition on a VR screen or headset: Odyssée Communication offers to support you in the creation of your immersive cultural applications.

The immersive 360° Virtual Exhibition: twin to a real exhibition

EDF-Virtual tour of the "70 years" exhibition


We develop digital twin virtual tours of your exhibitions, making it possible to extend their life on online digital media and to archive them. These visits respect the scenography of the real exhibitions.

The 360° and 3D shots are taken for the duration of your exhibition.


A faithful reproduction in 2D or 3D is made in our studio with hosting and uploading to our servers.

The 360° immersive virtual exhibition: "MuséeBox"

The immersive virtual exhibition "MuseumBox" allows you to unveil your archives and unexposed collections. They are highlighted in virtual cubic rooms whose scenography is produced by us.

"Nuclear Projections"-Virtual exhibition of photographs by EJF Riche
Use your mouse to navigate 360° in the screen or click on "See the tour"

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